In case you haven’t already heard, there’s something you shouldn’t miss this summer on the first weekend in August (3rd and 4th) in London.

It’s a brand new football festival, holding its first edition, called ‘Jumpers for Goalposts’ and oh, my, it should be a cracker!!! Even if you can’t make it to the British capital for the occasion, it sure is interesting to follow their social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and find out lots of brilliant stuff about the non-football side of football. The venue is PRINTWORKS LONDON (1 Surrey Quays Road SE16 7PJ London, United Kingdom).
I managed to get some information for you and this quick Q&A with the team will help you understand more about what this festival is all about.

Jumpers for Goalposts is obviously focused on football. What are the main attractions?

It is important to note that the festival is not about football, but football culture. The difference is there is no football tournament at the festival, and we are not focusing on the game itself, but instead the fans, communities and creators who love football and give it meaning and purpose.

Here are some examples of attractions at the festival:
• football marketplace
• film screenings, live audience events
• talks, panels and takeovers
• immersive experiences
• workshops and crafts
• family zone
• street food

More details will become available in the coming months.

How many people are expected to attend Jumpers for Goalposts?

And how big is the venue? It is mostly intended for children and teenagers or it addresses older football lovers too?

The venue is over 2500 sqm of indoor and outdoor space. this will allow us to cater for the weather, in case it rains heavily or it is too hot (this can be a problem in August!). We are planning for 1500-2000 attendees, but we have the ability to expand, if required.

It will be for all! One of our goals is to make football culture for the general public: there is something for everyone of all ages and backgrounds – you don’t have to be cool or young or anything to enjoy what we are creating. However, we know our main audience will be younger football fans, but we have plans (including ticket options and directly inviting some communities to join us / participate) to make sure our event is as diverse as possible.

Is there a ticket or a budget per person we should expect?

Ticket prices will be announced in April, but we want to make it as affordable as possible for young people and families. We do not believe in creating „VIP” experiences as that is not in line with our festival ethos.

(*UPDATE: Ticket prices are just £15 for the Very Early Bird tickets)

What makes this event a festival?

Good question! It is a festival because it is a celebration of something, in this case football. Our goal is to create a sense of a big and immediate community of people who are having a good time together and that only happens at a festival. A trade show is about business and networking, a pop-up is small in scale, a party is only about entertainment – this is much more than all of those things!

 What are the main objectives of this event and how it can change people’s perception about the football world?

  1. Bring creators and consumers of football culture together to share, collaborate and grow;
  2. Give attendees unique, diverse, positive experiences around football culture;
  3. Promote brands and identities that power grassroots/local football communities.

How can people contribute to Jumpers for Goalpostsevent if they want to?

There is more information on the website ( under the „Get Involved!” section. We are open to proposals from stall traders, performers, speakers, workshop organisers, content creators etc. We are also looking for interns, volunteers and partners who understand and believe in our mission for the festival.

Is there any charity involved?

Yes. The festival itself is not a non-profit event but in line with our mission to promote local/grassroots football and football communities, we will be working closely with a number of local, national and international football organisations and charities in the festival. We will collaborate them according to their needs and objectives – raising funds, creating awareness of issues, getting more people involved in their work etc.

As you can see, there’s a pretty exciting prospect coming up this summer!

Jumpers for Goalposts is an event suitable for every football fan and especially for those who love collecting kits or unique pieces of art related to the beautiful sport.

For any other information or if you want to pitch in with some of your creations, visit:

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